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duration: 2008 - 2010
country: Serbia
Partners: ECO3 (Belgium) - Leader, Congress service Center (Serbia)
Project amount: 956.900 EUR
Client: EC Delegation, Serbia

Project description:

In November 2007 the Serbian Government initiated the agreed text of the Stabilization and Association Agreement (SAA) with the EU. The SAA negotiations with Serbia followed the break-up of the Union of Serbia and Montenegro in 2006 which led to the opening of separate negotiations with each of the former Republics. The overall objective of the project is to upgrade Serbia’s institutional capacity to be able to carry out the process of translation of the Acquis in the Serbian language in order to facilitate the compliance with the requirements of the SAA and of the EU Acquis. The Project purpose is to develop a modern and efficient TCU in the SEIO that is able to manage and coordinate the process of translation of the Acquis.

The expected results of the Project are:

a) Strategic Plan for the preparation of the national version of the Acquis, including the organisation and systemisation of the TCU, adopted and implemented;
b) TCU IT development and training plan designed
c) The quality of the translation, terminology and legal revision work is increased;
d) TCU staff and other relevant members of Serbian administration are trained in the key skills necessary to carry out their tasks concerning translation, revision and terminology including use of relevant translation and terminology databases.

Services provided:

  • Full event management;
  • Media coverage;
  • Creating organisational strategy ;
  • Recruitment of experts;
  • Writing reports;
  • TNA;
  • IT Development plan ;
  • Financial controlling ;
  • Monitoring and evaluation

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