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duration: 2010 - 2012
country: Albania
Partners:Albany Associates (UK); GADC (AL), MDA (XK)
Project amount: 245.000 EUR
Client: EC Delegation, Albania

Project description:

Project objectives:

  • To increase knowledge of Albania’s integration process and its implications, particularly among key target groups;
  • Increase general understanding of the EU, its policies and programmes among the population at large

Project purpose:

  • To increase knowledge of EU institutional framework, policies, objectives and priorities;
  • To increase knowledge on the relations between the EU and Albania;
  • To foster a better understanding of the impact of the pre-accession process on one’s own life and expectations;
  • To increase knowledge about the implementation of the IPA in the country;

Results to be achieved:

  • An EU Information Centre established and well managed in Shkodra and Vlora;
  • Support to the EU Delegation for the implementation of communication and implementation activities in Albania;
  • Information on the development of relations between the EU and Albanian provided to key target groups;
  • Tailor made information on the implementation of the IPA in the country disseminated amongst key target groups;
  • Synergies with multipliers and other interested parties on provision of EU information establishment;
  • EU information products (in print, audiovisual and electronic formats) delivered
  • Events on EU related actions organised;

Services provided:

  • Running of the EU Information Centres in Shkodra and Vlora;
  • Recruitment of key personnel;
  • Event management;
  • Design and maintaining of web site;
  • Publication of newsletters
  • Publication of booklets;

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