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duration: 2008 - 2009
country: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Partners: Interlingua IH (BiH)
Project amount: 68.700 EUR
Client: EC Delegation, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Project description:

The EC Assistance in BiH is de-concentrated, but it is not de-centralized, and therefore programme implementation management rests with the EC Delegation. The preparation for DIS system started with a correct and smooth dialog between the BiH beneficiaries and the Delegation. The majority of beneficiary interlocutors involved in the abovementioned process do not speak English. To achieve this, translation/interpretation between Delegation and beneficiary stakeholders is a first pre-requisite.

The OVERALL OBJECTIVE of the project is to maximize efficiency and sustainable impact of the utilization of the EC Assistance to BiH. The PROJECT PURPOSE is to increase effectiveness and impact of the participation of BiH beneficiaries and other BiH stakeholders in EC programming, project design and other operational activities.

The EXPECTED RESULTS of the Project were:

a) Number of documents translated,
b) meetings and workshops for which interpretation English/local language and vice versa were provided to a satisfactory level as gauged by the users of translated documents and/or participants of the events;
c) Improved quality of the comprehension of communication between the Delegation and its beneficiary stakeholders, and the improved efficiency of the delivery of the same.

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