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duration: 2004 - 2005
country: Macedonia
Partners:Image PR
Project amount: 100.000 EUR
Client: EC Delegation, Macedonia

Project description:

Overall objectives:
Adoption and implementation of effective economic laws that are in compliance with EU directives and contribute to a more stable legislative environment for business;
Development of such legislation, and ensuring that the new legislation is understood and accepted by all the stakeholders, and in particular the business community, as a prerequisite to their successful implementation;
Assessing legal options and policy implications in the lights of the specific constraints and objectives towards approximation;
Drafting, whenever necessary, legislation (primary and secondary) in cooperation and coordination with relevant stakeholders, donors, experts;
Implementing the chosen options and texts through an adequate mix of training and communication (with the public: business community, consumers, NGOs, citizens).

Specific objectives:
Providing written translation of Acquis related to Trade;
Professional organisation of training workshops seminars, and other training events under the guidance and at the request of project experts;
Preparation and support to communication, promotion and related events under the guidance and at the request of project experts;

Services provided:

  • Full event organisation; Reporting in accordance with the PRAG;
  • Evaluation and monitoring; Public Awareness Campaign;
  • Organising workshop and seminars on specific topics;
  • Communication plan evaluation and adjustment report;
  • 8 focus groups research analysis;
  • 6 consultation meetings analysis;
  • Detailed briefing document;
  • Media PR outcomes;
  • 6 press releases;
  • 8 press briefings/conferences;
  • Press clipping report;
  • Event PR outcomes;
  • 5 public meetings reports 8 FAQ sheets (development and dissemination);
  • Final program report, including the qualitative survey study and strategic recommendations for future promotion activities.

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