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country : Georgia
duration : 11/2014 – 04/2015
Partners: /
Project amount: 15.116 EUR
Client: IBF (Belgium)

Project objectives:

This project has been contracted upon received RfS from IBF (Belgium) from COM 2011 – Lot 1.


Global objective

Contribute to improving transparency, accountability and effectiveness of public finance policy and management in Georgia.


Specific objective

The specific objective of this framework contract is to provide a detailed review of the implementation of the EU Sector Reform Contract (SRC) - Public Finance Policy Reforms (PFPR) in Georgia and to enable the Commission to use the submitted reports as a tool for monitoring programme execution and taking decisions on instalment disbursement for the year 2015.


Services provided:

The Public Sector Accounting and Audit expert reviewed the conditions relevant to development of external and internal audit and financial oversight as from the Technical and Administrative Provisions, Annex II of the Financing Agreement of the EU (SRC) - Support to Public Finance Policy Reforms (PFPR). In addition, the expert reviewed the following conditions in detail:


  • Public internal financial control and audit;
  • State Audit Office's mandate, performance and communication
  • Budgetary (i.e. parliamentary) oversight, transparency and communication.

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