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country : Macedonia
duration : 05/2015 – 02/2017
Partners: /
Budget: 140.480 EUR
COWI Belgium sprl

Project objectives:

Global objective

The overall objective of the Operation is to improve the overall quality of services for all passengers, to increase technical standards and quality of the railway stations, according to the best EU practices and overall interest for travelling by train.


Specific objective

The specific objective of this assignment is overall supervision of the Works Contract/s on rehabilitation, upgrading and reconstruction of 10 railway stations along the Corridor 10 and branch 10 - D according to the EU best practices, (EuropeAid/135077/D/WKS/MK) sorted into 4 lots as follows:

  • Lot 1- Rehabilitation, upgrading and reconstruction of the Veles, Chashka and Bogomila Railway Stations
  • Lot 2 – Rehabilitation, upgrading and reconstruction of the Prilep and Bitola Railway Stations
  • Lot 3–Rehabilitation, upgrading and reconstruction of the Tabanovtze, Gradsko, Negotino (Vardar) and Demir Kapija Railway Stations
  • Lot 4 – Rehabilitation, upgrading and reconstruction of the Gevgelija Railway Station The scope of the works contract/s comprises the development of a fully operative rehabilitation, upgrading and reconstruction of the railway stations.
  • For this purpose, contract foresees renovation of all major facilities of the railway stations, including platforms with special attention given to improvement of accessibility for the people with disabilities or reduced mobility. Detailed designs anticipate replacement and upgrading of all services: water supply, sewerage systems, electrical installation including indoor and outdoor lighting of railway stations, installation for heating and cooling systems, fire protection system, passenger information system, increasing accessibility for freight transport and accessibility and connectivity with the road transport (public and individual)


    Services provided:

    The assignment is to be executed in two phases: Inception phase and Implementation phase and Defects liability period.

    During the Inception phase, the Framework Contractor/Supervisor shall carry out all necessary project start-up activities including among other: identify and establish contacts with all relevant stakeholders, and collect necessary data for development of methodology and work programme for project implementation.

    The Implementation phase - During this period the experts shall coordinate the activities with the Works Contractors, Beneficiary and other relevant stakeholders, in order to ensure smooth implementation of the foreseen works.

    During Defects liability period, the Experts have to perform at least two site visits, including the final inspection on expiry of the Defect Liability Period and shall prepare reports from these missions which will be part of the Final Report.

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