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country : Macedonia
duration : 06/2014 – 11/2014
Budget: 31.631 EUR
IBF (Belgium)

Project objectives:

This project has been contracted upon received RfS from IBF (Belgium) from BENEF 2013 – Lot 7.

Global objective

The project overall objective is to contribute in successful contracting and implementation of the IPA 2010 project aimed at strengthening the independence, accountability, transparency, professionalism and efficiency of the judiciary.


Specific objective

The specific objective of this assignment is to prepare Technical Specification for appropriate IT hardware, software and other equipment as well as necessary items and to conduct market study and cost estimation for the specified equipment in order to perform successful contracting of the supply contract under IPA 2010 Project Fiche.


Services provided:

The Expert:

  • Prepared the Technical Specification in accordance with the applicable PRAG rules and EU regulations for the supply of IT hardware, software and other equipment/ items and upgrade of the existing systems by new hardware, software and other equipment/items. (Prepared Technical Specification);
  • Conducted a Market study and cost estimation for the specified equipment. (Prepared Market Study);
  • Answered questions and clarifications to the TS during the tendering phase. (Prepared clarifications for TS during tendering phase).

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