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Congress Service Center can make the critical communication during your event seem effortless.

We deliver understanding, meaning and precision.

We offer assistance in every single phase of the project, from its conception to its finalization

We have an extensive network of development consultants, both local and international for a variety of specialization fields

Consulting Services

CSC provides high-quality consulting services and expertize in the following areas:
  • Governance and intuitional building
  • Public finance management
  • Education, Social policy and Human resources development
  • Infrastructure
  • Awareness raising and visibility

Through our professional and experienced employees and well-established network of partners and collaborators in the local, regional and international environment, CSC delivers specific targeted knowledge, technical and administrative expertise and project management services.

FWC Projects

  • Provision of consulting services and expertise for all FWC lots of EC COM and EC BENEF as a sub-contractor and associated partner company
  • Mobilization of recognized and experienced experts for world-wide assignments and at very short notice
  • Experienced in-house stuff supporting the whole process, from identifying the right expertize to delivering services of highest quality, including all backstopping, quality assurance, procurement/tendering and monitoring of progress and implementation of FWC projects.

TA Service Projects

  • Provision of consulting services and expertize for EU, World Bank and other donor funded projects
  • Due diligence, business development, procurement analysis and tender preparation
  • Mobilization of long-term and short-term experts
  • Quality control and Backstopping
  • Financial management, monitoring and implementation
  • Management of incidental expenditures/reimbursable

A key to our success is the quality of our people. Interested experts are invited to send us an EU format CV at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in order to be registered in our database.