Our CEOs
Welcomes You to CSC

CEO for North Macedonia, Albania and Bulgaria

With more than a 20 years as a service provider, CSC has become associated credible & trusted partner to thousands of clients and enabler of high quality service, professionalism, and an outstanding value.

Today we are proud to represent a team of highly prepared versatile specialists, who every day strive towards excellence in providing the best possible service for our clients.

I look forward to many successful events and internationally donor funded projects, thrilled employees & clients, best possible service and an even brighter future.

Mrs. Selma TOTIC
CEO for BiH

Our mission is ensuring customer’s satisfaction and we love to say that personalized service is the invisible sign of caring for our clients’ needs. Although many things have changed over the years, some core values remain the same.

We are a client focused company that always strive toward excellence. We will keep making progress and we will get better every step of the way.


CEO for Serbia

CSC passionately work to identify clients’ needs and requirements and to develop and deliver high-end tailor made services to exceed all their expectations.

Our clients’ satisfaction is our priority. We take great pride in giving our 100% every day to provide best quality service to every service we provide.

The only way to do great work is to love what you do. We are absolutely in love in the services we deliver.