Congress Service Center is providing consulting services and expertise for all FWC lots of EC COM and EC BENEF as well as implementing projects funded by the European Union, the World Bank, DFID, UN, etc. The company has been managing projects funded by EU as Leaders, as well as consortium partners and subcontractors. As a member of various high profiled international consortiums Congress Service Center has been awarded several EC Framework Service Contracts.

We have an extensive network of development consultants, and we have capacity and experience to promptly identify and mobilize outstanding international and local experts for a variety of specialization fields, and so far, we have provided our technical and professional expertise mostly in the areas of Implementation and Delivery of theoretical training and on-the job training, Civil Society, Social Development and Inclusion, Education, Institutional Development and Capacity Building.

CSC Consulting has experienced in-house staff supporting the complete administrative process, from identifying the right expertise to delivering services of highest quality, including all backstopping, quality assurance, procurement and monitoring of progress.

We provide quality-driven, client-focused and result-oriented, locally tailored solutions (procurement, formulation and implementation) for internationally donor funded projects.

CSC greatest assets are

Communications, awareness raising and visibility,
Event and travel management,
Governance and institutional capacity building,
Education and training,
Social policy,
HR development,

International development unit

We deliver technical development assistance on behalf of the major international donors, mainly European Union, in order to achieve real progress in combating some of the most difficult global development issues in a local context. As we deliver our consultancy work to the highest standards, we reinforce our position with qualitydriven, client-focused and result-oriented locally tailored solutions

Expert’s center

We provide mobilization of recognized and experienced experts for worldwide assignments at very short notice.
Our database counts over 15.000 CV’s.

Our experienced in-house staff is supporting the whole process, from identifying the right expertise to delivering services of highest quality, including

Procurement/ Tendering
Quality assurance
Monitoring of progress of the implementation project
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